About Us

Eight Demons MC (EDMC) was formed in Bandung, Indonesia in early 2013 by the first eight members whom were approved by 81 members.

EDMC became the one and only official support club of 81/HAMC in Indonesia.

In 2016, Eight Demons MC Charters started to spread to some of the other Nations in South East Asia Region; today amongst them are:

  • Eight Demons MC – Indonesia
  • Eight Demons MC – Singapore
  • Eight Demons MC – Brunei Darussalam
  • Eight Demons MC – Malaysia
  • Eight Demons MC – Philippines

Eight Demons MC is a male motorcycle organization, bonds with loyalty and respect. We are not a street gang and have no political expediency.

Each Charter has structural officers and regular meetings. We have legal profit business that aims to support club’s finance.

EDMC will host, support or sponsor in regular basis on events such as motorcycle tours, sports events, music concerts, charities, and other related events where members can socialize and support our local communities